Thursday, July 23, 2009

This and That

I knew that there were people who live on their boats in the summer in the marina near our house. I figured that most of them were on vacation or retired. But yesterday when I was out walking the dog about 8:30 AM, I saw a middle aged man, dressed in business casual attire, get off his boat, and head toward the marina gates. As he left the boat, he turned around and waved at someone inside the boat, and called out, “Have a nice day, hon.” I guess I am wrong about the work status of some marina residents.

On the other side of our peninsula, the dredging a continues although reports are that they are almost finished. It looks that way this morning because the backhoe has been moved from the barge to land. See the pile of sand on the shore? That’s about a day’s worth of dredging. The dump trucks come and take the sand away to fill in a sink hole a little ways from here. This has been going on since the middle of June, over a month. That’s a lot of sand to move – and yet when I look at the sink hole site that’s being filled it looks like nothing. I guess a lot of sand goes only a little way.

I wrote the other day that I hadn’t read much about the $475 earmarked in the 2010 Budget for the Great Lakes, but I learned that there have been some TV news programs highlighting the Great Lakes. NBC Nightly News did one on July 17, one of the few evenings that I didn’t watch the program. I am pleased to have been wrong about the lack of publicity on the issue.

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