Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sunset Worth Sharing

Sunrise over Lake Michigan can be beautiful but I rarely see it. I am not an early riser and the sun comes up quite early in the summer. In the winter, when it rises late, it is often hidden behind the clouds. The only picture I have of sunrise over the lighthouse is one I bought from someone else.

Sunsets from the eastern side of lake are spectacular. I have watched the daily event several times from the top of Mt Baldy at the edge of Indiana Dunes National Park. Crowds gather there every summer night for the show and the finale is always met with applause. It's worth the climb up the steep dune.

Living on the western edge of the lake means the sun sets over the land, behind buildings. However, when the clouds are just right, as they were last night, the display is still a beautiful sight. No one watching at the Kenosha harbor clapped, but I snapped a few pictures, and I think they are worth of sharing.

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