Saturday, July 4, 2009

Great Fireworks Views

On July 4th Great Lakes Views means great fireworks views. The lakefront is where everything is happening today. Although it is only noon, people are already setting up their spots and then enjoying the scenery and activities in the area before tonight’s big fireworks show at 9:30 PM. Tonight there will be two concerts, vendors selling everything from ice cream to fluorescent hats, necklaces and other celebratory paraphernalia and a blanket to blanket crowd of people.

We live right in the middle of it all, and except for the fact that the fireworks and people passing by drive our dog Burlee crazy, we really enjoy it. Kenosha’s lakefront provides real hometown entertainment, although in walking in the neighborhood this morning I noticed as many Illinois license plates as Wisconsin.

These folks must have set up their chairs quite early this morning as they were already there on my morning walk. They have the best seat in the house for the fireworks, which are shot off at the end of the channel. (The view from the front of our house is good, too, and I have a private bathroom for my guests!).

I love the fact that whoever set the chairs up is confident that they will still be there when they come back hours later. Somehow, there is a different feeling in the air on July 4th as we all celebrate our nation’s independence. Today we are all in agreement that freedom is something to really celebrate.

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