Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An Historic Day

It is an historic day. Regardless of your politics, your race, your geographical origins, you cannot help but feel the awe of being a witness to history. I spent the day glued to the TV, in the morning with friends and in the afternoon at home. Reflecting on the day, I feel like a closed door has been opened. Fresh air has come pouring through. New light shines on our country and the world. There is an excitement and optimism that have not been felt for a very long time.

I am hopeful that President Obama will be good for so many of the things I care about, from the economy to the environment, education, healthcare, and our country’s standing in the world as a force for peace and justice.

I recognize that it will be a huge task, that the President cannot do it alone, and that only time will tell. Still, I am optimistic. I have confidence that President Obama can meet the challenge. He is calm, eloquent, and smart and that he and his family are so easy to look at is a definite plus.

It was a great day. It is a new world.

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