Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Beautiful Sky

Last night I flew from Milwaukee to Dallas. I left the frigid Midwest and arrived here to temperatures in the low sixties. Today it is expected to be in the mid seventies, and tomorrow even higher. It is a pleasant change indeed.

I did not take a picture of Lake Michigan as we ascended, but from my windows at home earlier in the day, I saw that near shore there is a lot of ice. It had what I call the Titanic look. If you recall the movie, near the end after the ship goes down there is the scene where Kate Winslet's character is bobbing in water among chunks of ice. That's the look I mean. Ice chunks floating in water. Fortunately, I did not see people.

I did take a picture of what water I saw from the window as we landed at DFW Airport. It was sunset and although the water below was nothing special, the sky was spectacular.

Water is not foremost on my mind today, and so I will just share these pictures of a beautiful Texas sky.

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