Friday, January 30, 2009

A Better Turn

I feel better. Today the My Turn column in the Kenosha News was great. Maggie Heller wrote it, but I could have, too. She said just what I would have said. When it comes to how we feel about Lake Michigan and living on its shores, I think we are kindred souls. Rather than rehash what she wrote, I will refer you to her column. Kudos, Maggie.

I would like to meet Maggie, but perhaps we already have met. She says she walks her dog along the lake, even on frigid, windy days. Me, too. What kind of a dog do you have, Maggie? I have a pug.

By the way, so far the newspaper did not print my response to last week’s column on global warming. But that’s okay. They printed someone else’s letter. It was well-written and made sense. I am just glad the message got out there.

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