Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tail 1 - Dog 0

It looks like the tail has won this time around. Today, The US Supreme Court sided with the State of Illinois, the City of Chicago, and the United States Government and US Army Corps of Engineers not to close the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal as an effort to stop Asian Carp from entering Lake Michigan.

I could repeat what is being written elsewhere in the blogosphere, but I won’t. The best summary of what happened and what might happen is at Noah Hall’s Great Lakes Law blog. I urge you to read it, including the referenced article from the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal on the political fallout of the decision for the President Obama. I have been an Obama supporter right along, but this decision does not make me happy with our present administration.

My dog has a little tail, but when he wags it, his whole body moves. If the State of Michigan is the body, I think we will see a lot more body moving to come, but as Noah Hall and others ask, will it be too late?

(If this dog reference doesn't make sense to you, just look back at my previous post.)

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Loreen Niewenhuis said...

Hi Susan,

Yes, Michigan's Senator Stabenow has introduced the Carp Act in Congress to attempt a permanent solution to the carp invasion.

I agree with your question, though. Will it be too late?

Stay warm!