Friday, January 29, 2010

An Adventure: The Full Circle Tour

Shortly after the first of the year, a time when people make New Year’s resolutions, I considered making some for myself. I turned 64 at the end of December and I feel like I should do something significant in preparation for my Medicare years. I have begun a new blog, When I’m 64, which will document my thoughts as I become a woman of a “certain age”. But in one of my recent posts, I decided that I would rather present myself with a challenge rather than make resolutions I probably wouldn’t keep anyway.

I still have not come up with exactly what my challenge will be, but this morning I learned about someone else’s challenge and want to share it with you.

At the end of April, Mike Link and Kate Crowley are beginning what they are calling the Full Circle Tour around Lake Superior. They will walk the entire 1,826 miles and take five months to do it. Along the way, they will record their observations, while raising awareness of freshwater issues and conservation. Both are professional naturalists with a passion for the lake, nature, and adventure.

I could tell you more about their proposed adventure but their wonderful website says it all much better than I can. When you read it, you too will be hooked and I am sure you will want to follow their adventure. I am still going to search for my own challenge but I will closely follow Mike and Kate’s adventure when they get started. Maybe I can figure out a way to get up to at least one section of Lake Superior this summer to meet them, too. The picture and bio of Mike Link and Kate Crowley tell me that they are my age – they are retired and have grandchildren. All the more reason for me to support and follow their efforts.

Following someone else’s adventure may not qualify as a challenge for me but I am sure it will be interesting to watch, even from a distance. As for me, the only lake I have walked around recently is the 2.3 mile paved path around Lake Andrea, in nearby Pleasant Prairie, and that doesn’t qualify as a “challenge”.

I wonder if anyone has hiked around Lake Erie yet. Can I call it a challenge if I just drive?


KatherineWarrenville said...

I came across an interesting challenge website the other day--The Challenge: Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days. It might fit your quest.

Mike Link said...

We are so pleased to have your comments. What a nice blog and a great concept. You will find your challenge, but it might be inspiring others and finding daily challenges that mean a lot to you and the world.

Yes, Kate and I are your age! I will turn 65 two months after we conclude the expedition, Kate is four years younger, but us grandparents take our health and the health of our planet seriously. We want a wonderful future for ours and everyones grandchildren.

We now have a facebook page that your bloggers are welcome to join.

We would love to meet you on our trip and to exchange ideas and perspectives.