Monday, August 17, 2009

Touching HOMES

Earlier in the summer, I had thought I would see more of the Great Lakes this year, but that isn’t happening for several reasons. Mostly it is because my husband and son started a business this summer and almost all our resources – financial and physical – have gone into that effort.

I am now thinking that if I can’t make some kind of circle tour this summer, I can at least try to “touch” of the other four lakes, and I am trying to figure out when and where.

I am leaving tomorrow on a road trip that will take me across Michigan and Ontario to Toronto, making stops in eastern Michigan and near London Ontario. The purpose of the trip is to see family but I am thinking of how I could at least a little time at the other Great Lakes. I plan to cross the border in at least one direction at Sarnia or maybe Windsor. We always used to cross at Windsor, either by bridge or tunnel, but in the past few years crossing anywhere can be an ordeal and its a crap shoot which way is better.

Perhaps on my way to London I can touch Lake Huron. In Toronto, my family live far from Lake Ontario shores, so if I want to “touch” it, I will have to make a little side trip. I can come back home via northern edge of Lake Erie and detour off the 401, or I could drive back via Western New York, touching parts of Lake Erie I knew as a child. In Pennsylvania and Ohio, there are plenty of places I could stop.

At best, this trip will be a HOME trip, starting with Lake Michigan and touching Huron, Erie, and Ontario. That’s okay because these are the lakes that are HOME for me anyway, where I have family and history. Maybe later this summer or fall, I can get up to Lake Superior and truly touch HOMES this year.

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