Sunday, April 26, 2009


As a professed water watcher, I cannot help but comment on the play I saw last night. It is called Urinetown: the Musical. Odd name, right? Odd play, too, but it was thoroughly delightful. It was performed at Bradford High School here in Kenosha, and they did a wonderful job, as they always do with their performances.

Even though Urinetown won three Tony awards and was on Broadway for almost three years, it is not among the best known of musicals. The story, which is told in an unusual way with reverse pantomime style (whatever that is), is a satire on many themes. One of those themes is water shortage. Because of a long drought, the use of toilets has been severely limited in order to conserve water. I love the name of the corrupt company that controls the toilets – Urine Good Company. The play is also filled with good vs. evil, rebellion – and love. Of course, I particularly paid attention to the water parts, and as in any good satire, there is a grain of truth.

A synopsis can be found on-line so I won’t rehash it. And if you are reading this and live in Southeastern Wisconsin, I strongly encourage you to catch the play next week. It will be here in K-town for one more week.

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