Sunday, April 5, 2009

April Fools' Regatta

I was not home yesterday afternoon to see the April Fools' Regatta, an annual event sponsored by the Kenosha Yacht Club, but my husband got a few pictures of it for me. While I was out feting a young couple at a bridal shower, a group of hearty sailors raced little butterfly boats on the Kenosha Harbor. They were lucky this year. Although temperatures were only in the forties, the winds were light and the sun was shining. I remember seeing them last year, sailing amidst snowflakes. There are more pictures and information about the event on the Kenosha News website.

Butterfly boats in the harbor and June weddings, preparing for Passover and Easter - all signs of spring. And a forecast for 2-4 inches of snow tonight. Well, this is still Wisconsin, isn’t it?

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