Monday, March 22, 2010

Clean Water for a Healthy World

March has many special days on the calendar. Maybe the best known is St Patrick’s Day, but there are others, including the ominous Ides of March. March also has a day set aside for National Pig Day (March 1), Dentist’s Day (March 6), National Napping Day (March 9) and Save the Florida Panther Day (March 21). School calendars delight in having these days for craft projects and the like.

I wonder if the schools will also acknowledge that March 22 is World Water Day, a day sponsored by the United Nations Water Group that has been set aside since 1993 to celebrate and raise awareness about water in our world. The theme of World Water Day 2010 is Clean Water for a Healthy World, and many organizations are planning events around this day. I checked to see if there were any local ones that I could attend, and I didn’t see one close by although I would have loved to attend one of the ones planned in San Diego, Sacramento, or Mexico. Check out the list of places that are having events – and maybe next year Kenosha Wisconsin will be added to the list (Yes, I understand that might mean me).

It is never my intention just to repeat here what others are saying, so I won't do a "rewrite" on this important topic either. You can read what's on line as well as I can, but the highlighted text in this post will provide links so that you will be able to learn more for yourself. I hope you will click on a few of them to better understand the importance of this day set aside to think about water. If you check out the FAQ here are a few of the questions that will be answered in a brief and informative way.
  • What defines the quality of water?
  • What is the state of water quality on our planet?
  • How does water quality affect human health?
  • How does climate change influence water quality?
  • How can water quality be sustained?

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