Monday, February 15, 2010

A Barrier of a Different Kind

I have been remiss in not reporting that the White House Summit on Asian carp did take place last week. My life has not focused on carp this week, but you can read about the results of that meeting and the proposals made by the White House at the links below.

But on my Saturday afternoon walk, I did wonder if the solution to the carp problem might be as simple as showing them the ice buildup along the lake. That wall of ice could be one heck of a barrier, although the ice did not stop this father and son from visiting the lighthouse that day. I was there, too, but didn't walk all the way out as these two did.

The carp question will continue for quite a while and so I am sure I will have more to say. Public meetings were held last week in Chicago where I heard that there were over 250 people present. You can guess what side of the argument they were on. This coming week the public meeting will be held on the other side of Lake Michigan and it will probably be dominated by opinons on the other side, too. That meeting will be held in Ypsalanti, Michigan.

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