Tuesday, October 6, 2009

After and Before the Rain

Today started out gray and cloudy and it went downhill from there. Midmorning, as I ran errands, it was drizzling – just enough to put the intermittent wipers on (After seeing the movie about the guy who invented them, I don’t take them for granted any more). I came home and felt like the weather – chilly, gray, and dripping in my throat. So when it was getting to be 4 PM and I still hadn’t given Burlee the Pug his afternoon walk, I grumbled but put my fleece and my raincoat on and figured it would be a short walk.

Just as I got outside, the clouds opened up and the sun shone through. The winds were calm. I went back inside and took off the raincoat, but something told me to grab my camera (one of my errands today had been to get the 2G memory card to go with it). I was so glad I did.

As Burlee and I walked toward the harbor, I saw blue sky above me. However, to the west were more storm clouds – and the ones that had been overhead all day were still out on the lake. Of course, there were a few fishermen by the harbor. Even in the rain, there is always someone dangling a pole out there.

I took pictures in both directions, and to the north, too. Great clouds. As I walked back, the reflection of the clouds on the huge windows of the Kenosha Public Museum were worthy of a picture, too.
By the time I got back to my house, which probably wasn’t more than 15 or 20 minutes, the wind had picked up. Strong gusts, which according to the Weather Channel are between 25-35 miles per hour, were blowing those clouds right over my head, so I expect to see more rain today. No cemetery tour for me tonight. We’ll see what the weather is tomorrow and if it’s a good night for visiting graves in the dark. In a way, I almost hope its raining again. I am a little bit of a coward, I admit.

If you want to see some more beautiful pictures of Lake Michigan, check out the blog, http://lakemichiblog.blogspot.com/, which I recently came across. I don’t know who writes this blog except that he or she has an office at Carthage College with a full view of the lake, and has posted some wonderful pictures.

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