Saturday, May 2, 2009

Marathon Morning

Most Saturday mornings are somewhat sleepy around here. Sure, there are people walking along the harbor, and runners, too, but not like this morning. Today was the first ever-Wisconsin Marathon in Kenosha. Two thousand runners crowded into the neighborhood before 7 AM (no, I was not there to greet them) and began either a full marathon or a half marathon run. By 9 AM when we went out, some of the half marathon runners had already passed the finish line.

I don’t have the exact time of the winner of the marathon or his name (I am sure it will be in tomorrow morning’s newspaper) but he finished far ahead of his competitors. A lithe young man, he easily went through the yellow tape, seemingly not even breathing hard. Kudos to him, whoever he is. But kudos to everyone who ran- including those who now, almost five hours later are still coming up the final mile. I give them as much credit as the winner for finishing - and for trying.

It was a perfect day for showing off the lakefront with blue skies dotted by a few fluffy clouds, light breeze off the lake and morning temperatures in the fifties. The race started at Celebration Plaza the other side of the Kenosha Museums, ran north to Carthage College along the lake, then back south to the state line, then back to the plaza area. Almost the entire way, there were views of Lake Michigan. And some of the better neighborhoods of Kenosha, too.

But for some, this was just another Saturday morning in May. The owner of this well equipped fishing boat might have been doing what he does every Saturday morning. I hope the owner of the large sailboat that was tacking back and forth across the narrow harbor inlet wasn’t doing what he does every Saturday morning. I watched as he tacked in front of small fishing boats, showing off his sleek boat. He was probably in perfect control but it still looked kind of reckless.

Once again kudos to those who ran this first time ever Kenosha Marathon and to the organizers of it as well. I hope we see many more such events in the future. They were smart to limit the number of entrants this first time. Judging from the fact that the event was sold out, and that everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, I think it was a success. If they want to up the number to 3,000 entrants next year, I think Kenosha can handle it. I won’t run, but I sure will be there to cheer them all on.

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