Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Good Answer and Some Wisconsin Trivia

Last night I heard the columnist Thomas Friedman on a TV program about global warning. I cannot quote him verbatim, but his thought was this. In the future we will not need to use the term “green” to describe cars or houses or anything except color because conserving energy, being mindful consumers and protecting the planet will be the norm. The green revolution will have happened.

That solves the problem of coming up with an alternative phrase to green, as I proposed in my last posting. Good answer, Tom. Thank you.

Here's a piece of Wisconsin trivia. A few weeks ago, I mentioned that my Wisconsin friends call a drinking fountain a bubbler. I recently learned why. It seems that in 1888 what was then the Kohler Water Works developed the original fountain and trademarked it a “Bubbler”. Other companies developed similar products and called them drinking fountains, but Wisconsin natives still call them bubblers.

I don’t know if the Kohler Design Center and Museum in Kohler Wisconsin, near Sheboygan, has old bubblers, but it is a cool place to visit to see plumbing, historical and modern.

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